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Keeping with their highly energentic Progressive Pop approach, START delivers the next level of their musical journey. Featuring punchy, clear production and exceptional musicianship, START weaves through lyrical stories of earth, aliens, dreams and society. We think you should believe in yourself, not be influenced. That we should treat the earth BETTER than we treat ourselves. We are the future, we are the one who can save planet Earth, not run away.

Start "2020"

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From the beginning bass line to the last synthesizer sustain, these eight new songs from Start have a hypnotic energy that will keep any fan of progressive rock listening over, and over again. Taking up where they left off in 1985, the high-tech power trio of Ran Ballard Keyboards/Vocals, Dean McLeod Chapman Stick/Bass, and Mike Tapogna Drums/Percussion interweave complex rhythms and Bass with aggressive keyboards. Everything is complete with Ran Ballard’s vocals.
START, progressive, melodic, and addictive.


About Start

Album Oriented Progressive Rock
Start was formed in early 1984 by Ran Ballard, Mike Tapogna and Dean McLeod,
Progressive "hook-oriented" rock.
Ran Ballard: Synthesizers,Sampling, Vocals
Mike Tapogna: Drums, Rhythm Programming
Dean McLeod: Bass, Chapman Stick
Released their self produced/distributed EP through their own label GO NOW records. Doing their own promotion they were able get on over a 150 college radio stations reporting medium to heavy airplay -- 8000 units sold independently. Record was available in major L.A stores and several major "one-stops" across the country. Finely crafted live show utilizing high-tech gear, High-energy driving sound. Due to unforeseen complications with some major labels they disbanded in 1986. Start has now reformed in 2019 to re-release their original album with 2 new additional tracks re-titled "33 1/3 Too Soon", and have recorded a new album for release in 2020 titled "20/20",with possible tours in 2021.

Band gets a good Rock'N'Roll START

Excerpts from the "Daily Forty-Niner" Encore section 12/12/85.

In popular music, there are usually several styles of music in the public spotlight at any given time. Several years ago, synthesizers and drum machines were making waves as becoming the next big things in rock and pop music, while recently, both in Britain and America, guitars and traditional drums have made a big comeback. For many new bands, state of the art electronics are for someone else to use.
One band that combines both elements of recent popular music is START, a Burbank based band that has played the local club circuit and is now promoting their new, self-produced album.
With a sound somewhat reminiscent of a pumped-up Tears For Fears, or a Howard Jones on steroids, START combines all the elements. Drum Machines and automated synthesizers play along with Ran Ballard's keyboard's and are contrasted by Micheal Tapogna's energetic drumming and Dean McLeod's jazzy, fluid bass. McLeod also plays the Chapman Stick.
"We're using new technology, but we're also giving it (their music) the energy of the old garage bands" vocalist-keyboardist Ballard said.
Well-paced energy was evident during START'S performance at the University Student Union's Plaza.
McLeod's bass and stick work are prominent on the START album. His playing shows a number of jazz influences, along with Sting-like sensibility and energy levels approaching that of Geddy Lee of Rush.
Tapogna says the Polices' Stewart Copeland is a major inspiration and it shows in his playing, which is both hyperactive and varied in approach. The pure volume of the drums during the CSLUB show also brought to mind Phil Collins, although Tapogna shies away from Collins' sonic melodrama, leaning more towards being a simplified Bill Bruford.
Keyboardist-vocalist Ballard's synthesizer playing often shows the influence of such players as Howard Jones, Tony Banks of Genesis and the infamous Keith Emerson. Although his solos are restrained and short, his vocals are like an American Peter Gabriel on record. Also subtlety used sampled back-ground vocals are used as a thickening agent, not a crutch,
"With modern technology at your finger-tips, why not use it?" Ballard said.

Progressive Rock With "Hooks"

BAM magazine 11/5/85

CMJ New music report

September 20th 1985
Start - Modern rock in an old-fashioned progressive sense. Start features grand genesis style synthesizers (Ran Ballard is a truly creative player) on a Bass (Dean McLeod) and Drum (Mike Tapogna) base, adding spicy programmed rhythms for extra color. The progressive influence makes START a natural for AOR's of all types, but the production is crisp and clear, also making it suitable for modern rock stations. Top Cuts: "Face In The Mirror," "Part Of Two," "Keep Repeating."


Roll over

  • Lemmings
    From the Album 20/20

  • If By Chance
    From the Album 20/20

  • It Comes To You
    From the Album 20/20

  • Kingdom Of Dismay
    From the Album 20/20

  • On Your Own
    From the Album 20/20

  • Stand And Fall
    From the Album 20/20

  • Rush
    From the Album 20/20

  • Get Out
    From the Album 20/20



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Ran Ballard


Michael Tapogna

Drums-Rhythm Programming

Dean Mcleod

Bass-Chapman Stick

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